Cloud Accounting Xero and Quickbooks Online for Asia businesses

Professional Services Adopting Cloud Accounting from Xero or Quickbooks Online Reduces Administrative Costs
Cloud based accounting systems integrate with your Banks, PayPal, CRM, Inventory Control, Integrated Expense Claims and more. Cloud Accounting offers huge productivity gains for those that wish to embrace the future now.
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Quality of Life and Work Integrating Cloud accounting with a wide range of business applications to maximise productivity
Our view of business is it should be sales centric not accounting centric. Integrating of CRM lead management, quotations, invoicing, expense claims, POS and management reporting to accounting.
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Cloud Inventory Management With roots in accounting but strength in application integration for small business
Understanding all aspects of running a small business is our strength. Strengths in sales and marketing with Zoho CRM, Cloud storage, Email and VoIP offer complete cloud business systems. Not just accounting!
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Cloud Solutions becomes a Certified Xero Advisor. Now offering Xero consultancy services in Hong Kong.
Quickbooks Online Partner
Cloud Solutions becomes Quickbooks Online Partner. Providing Quickbooks Online consultancy and integration services in Hong Kong.
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